One of the reasons why I haven’t posted here much is because I’ve met someone. In September 2015, I met a nice lady named Sylvia. It’s been nearly three years and we’re getting married this coming September 9th.

We have a lot in common. Before we’d met, we both stayed away from relationships for quite some time. For me, it was about 5 years. The last person that I had a relationship with was this Russian woman who treated me like shit for about a year. I waited for someone who was right for me, and who was going to treat me right.

We met through an online dating site called OK Cupid. I remember profile picture being her underwater swimming. She actually responded back to me! We quickly progressed from exchanging messages to actually meeting in person. I didn’t really want to exchange messages for months and then slowly move on to facebook IM and then texting then phone calls for years. I say to HELL with all of that. If you’re not willing to meet after a few messages and phone calls, then I’m not going to waste my time. I want to MEET.

We met, and we hit it off immediately. The rest is history!

I’m nothing but glad that we met. She’s everything to me and I can’t imagine life without her.

She truly accepts me for who I am. All of my faults and quirks. My ups and downs, and she’s still right there. We have each others backs.

She’s super good to me.

Treats me with respect.

Doesn’t let me get away with too much shit.

She cares about me like nobody else ever has.

She loves me.

I love her deeply.