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Today, I was looking at my facebook news feed.

A lot of anger. People seem lonely and hurt and desperate though they try to not admit it. Page after page, I read about people “not giving a fuck.”

It’s a popular trend these days.

It’s such a popular trend to not give a fuck that it’s really easy to find people going out of their way to create little memes proudly proclaiming this.

I guess not giving a fuck is so “cool.”

After I got ready for my day, I went to the grocery store just around the corner from where I live at. Right when I walked in the door, I saw this couple arguing with the security personnel and store management who were trying to throw them out. They were both hurling insults and loudly proclaiming that “they don’t give a fuck” at the store employees.

They were yelling that they don’t give a fuck and smiling and hopping around and being aggressive as if they were putting on a show for the other customers watching as the four people trying to get them to leave were inching them toward the front door. Apparently, the Starbucks people called security on them for being in a stall together in the Women’s bathroom doing drugs. Then when security got there, they found that not only were they shooting up Heroin, but had a bunch of stolen goods on them too…mostly bottles of alcoholic beverages.

A lot of people take “not giving a fuck” to far extremes. Just being plain disrespectful. There’s nothing cool or amusing about that. I see that constantly on a regular basis at where I work for the Parks Department. Blatant disrespect.

A lot of the patrons at the parks I work at don’t even respect themselves, let alone the people around them. They argue over petty things and blatantly break park rules.


Smoking weed.

Doing hard drugs.

Urinating and defecating in plain, public view


Being disrespectful to Parks employees for no reason.

Making threats to Parks employees of frivolous garbage.

The Parks are loaded with garbage cans all over the park, yet they just throw their garbage all over the ground all the time. They’re people who don’t even respect where they live or the area they’re surrounded by.

I don’t come into where you live or work and throw garbage all around. I expect the same respect from you.

But I know that I’ll never get it.

These people have no clue what common courtesy is, and they only do things for themselves. Selfish act after selfish act, they’ll point the finger and make any excuse possible to unload the blame onto anything else instead of just accepting responsibility for their actions.

Why do people want to live like that? What’s the attraction? There’s nothing cool or good about not contributing to your surroundings in a positive and progressive manner.

I give a fuck. That’s right. I even give a shit about the drug addicted crackheads that inhabit the parks that I work at. Even when they are looking at me like they want to kill me, I still care about their well being. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had them pull me aside to thank me for being helpful after they’re released from the hospital

I’ve had a few of them come up to me after a long period of time and tell me that because of me, they’ve turned things around. One woman who I’d known as a chronic crack cocaine abuser who I had arrested after instigating a large brawl in the park came up to me after spending six months in prison and thanked me for helping her get cleaned up.

Being positive affects lives.

Not giving a fuck requires too much energy. Too much energy that I don’t have. It’s what losers do. Who want’s to be around people like that who are negative?

Not me.