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I started working for SDOT this past Wednesday. TES. Temporary Employee Seasonal Maintenance Laborer.

Four ten hour days. I rock a weed whacker and fill in potholes.

Sweep the hole out.


Fill the hole with asphalt.

Rake it smooth.

Pack it down or steamroll it.

More tack


Rinse and repeat.

The other new guys are alright. One of them constantly barrages everyone with questions. The two others are a couple of young guys.

I hope I catch on with them and get picked up.

Thinking about how I’m going to save as much money as I can this summer. Gonna pay off the Dodge Dakota, get my tickets all squared away. Get it registered and insured. Feels nice to have wheels again.

It was mentioned that SDOT might get us our flagging certifications and CDL licenses.

If I end up not getting picked up, I’m going to try to put myself through trucking school or a maritime academy to become a Merchant Mariner.

Im really tired of job hopping.

How long can this go on?

Concierge job is coming to an end soon. Just got put on weekends only, which I’m okay with. I’m pretty much going to be taken off the schedule in July when the DSA takes over our main two parks, Westlake and Occidental.

Phillip finally got on with the city. Good for him, he deserved it. He’s been working in parks for around ten years waiting for this.

I think all of us should have been brought on. Or at least Phillip, myself, Stephen and Masho.

Masho starts her new assignment in parks maintenance this week on the 13th. I guess she’s going to be driving the packer truck. Good for her too.